Emmy Awards 2024 Winners, Snubs, and Speeches

The Emmy Awards is one of the most prestigious events in the television industry, honoring the best of the best in television programming. It is a night filled with glitz, glamour, and celebration as the biggest names in television come together to recognize each other’s talent and hard work.

As we look forward to the 2024 Emmy Awards ceremony, there is already much excitement building up among fans and critics alike. Who will take home the coveted trophies? Who will be snubbed? And what memorable speeches can we expect from our favorite stars?

In this blog post, we will dive into the potential winners, the possible snubs, and the likely speeches at the 2024 Emmy Awards. So, get ready for a sneak peek into what could be one of the most talked-about award ceremonies in the television industry.

List of Emmy Awards 2024 Winners

The anticipation for the winners of the 2024 Emmy Awards is already sky-high as fans and critics eagerly await to see which shows and actors will make the cut. Here are some potential winners who are making headlines and could take home the trophies in 2024:

“Game of Thrones” Season 9

After a record-breaking eight wins for Outstanding Drama Series, “Game of Thrones” is set to return for its ninth and final season in 2023. With its captivating storyline, stunning visuals, and talented cast, the show is considered a strong contender for the top honor at the 2024 Emmys. Fans are already speculating about how the series will end and whether it will live up to its previous seasons. Will the highly-anticipated finale be enough to earn “Game of Thrones” yet another Emmy win?

“Stranger Things” Season 5

With its gripping storyline and beloved characters, “Stranger Things” has become a massive hit since its debut in 2016. The sci-fi thriller has earned numerous accolades, but it is yet to win an Emmy. As the show gears up for its fifth season in 2023, fans are hoping that this will be the year “Stranger Things” finally takes home some of the top awards, including Outstanding Drama Series and acting categories.

“The Crown” Season 5

“The Crown” has been a favorite at the Emmys since its premiere in 2016. With its lavish production, impeccable writing, and exceptional performances, the royal drama has won multiple awards over the years. As the show continues to impress with each new season, it is highly likely that it will continue its winning streak at the 2024 Emmys with its fifth season. Fans are particularly eager to see if Olivia Colman will be able to repeat her success as Queen Elizabeth II and take home another trophy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

“Succession” Season 4

After winning multiple awards at the 2020 and 2021 Emmys, “Succession” is gearing up for its fourth season in 2023. The dark comedy-drama has captivated audiences with its dysfunctional family dynamics and sharp writing. With its strong fanbase and critical acclaim, “Succession” is expected to continue its success at the 2024 Emmys, possibly taking home the top honor of Outstanding Comedy Series.

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Season 5

Since its debut in 2017, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” has been a consistent presence at the Emmys, winning numerous awards for its witty writing and stellar performances. With its fourth season set to premiere in late 2022, fans are already looking forward to the show’s return and anticipating its potential wins at the 2024 Emmys. Will Rachel Brosnahan continue her winning streak as the charming and hilarious Midge Maisel?

List of Snubs at Emmy Awards 2024

Emmy Awards 2024 Winners, Snubs, and Speeches

As with any award show, there are always some surprises and snubs that leave fans and critics scratching their heads. Here are some potential snubs that could happen at the 2024 Emmy Awards:

“The Handmaid’s Tale” Season 5

“The Handmaid’s Tale” has been a critical darling since its premiere in 2017, earning numerous awards including the coveted Outstanding Drama Series in 2017. However, with its fourth season receiving mixed reviews and facing tough competition from other shows, it is possible that “The Handmaid’s Tale” may not make the cut for its fifth season at the 2024 Emmys.

“This Is Us” Season 6

“This Is Us” has been a fan-favorite since its debut in 2016, with its heartfelt storylines and talented cast earning multiple Emmy nominations over the years. However, as the show heads into its sixth and final season, it is uncertain whether it will be able to secure any major wins at the 2024 Emmys. With new shows constantly emerging and taking the spotlight, “This Is Us” may face a tough fight for recognition in its last year of eligibility.

“The Morning Show” Season 3

Apple TV+ made a big splash at the 2020 Emmys with its drama series “The Morning Show,” earning multiple nominations in its first year. However, with its highly-anticipated third season set to premiere in 2023, the show may face some challenges in maintaining its success at the 2024 Emmys. With increased competition and changing tastes in the industry, it is possible that “The Morning Show” may not receive as much recognition in its final season.

“The Mandalorian” Season 4

After winning seven awards at the 2020 Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series, “The Mandalorian” is set to return for its fourth season in 2023. However, with new Star Wars shows and expanded universe projects in the works, it is uncertain whether “The Mandalorian” will continue to dominate at the Emmys in the coming years. Its fourth season may face stiff competition, potentially resulting in a snub at the 2024 Emmys.

“Insecure” Season 6

Issa Rae’s hit comedy series “Insecure” has been a favorite among fans and critics since its debut in 2016. With its sixth and final season set to air in late 2022, there is a lot of pressure on the show to go out with a bang at the 2024 Emmys. However, with other successful comedies also vying for recognition, “Insecure” may not secure as many wins as expected in its final year.

Highlights of Speeches at Emmy Awards 2024

Emmy Awards 2024 Winners, Snubs, and Speeches

One of the most memorable moments at any award show is the acceptance speeches from the winners. Here are some potential highlights of speeches we can expect at the 2024 Emmys:

The Final Goodbye from “Game of Thrones”

If “Game of Thrones” does indeed win big at the 2024 Emmys, it will be the last chance for the cast and crew to take the stage together and bid farewell to the beloved show. Fans can expect emotional and heartfelt speeches as the cast reflects on their journey and expresses gratitude for the show’s success.

A Historic Win for Diversity

In recent years, the Emmy Awards have made strides towards diversity and inclusion, with more diverse nominees and winners. In 2024, we could see history being made with multiple people of color winning in major categories. This would undoubtedly lead to powerful speeches celebrating representation and pushing for continued progress in the industry.

Political Statements in Acceptance Speeches

In the current political climate, it is not uncommon for celebrities to use their platform at award shows to make a statement or raise awareness about social and political issues. With the 2024 Emmys taking place during an election year, we can expect some winners to use their speeches to advocate for causes close to their hearts.

A Nod to the Pandemic

As the world continues to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, it has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry. The 2024 Emmy Awards may see some winners acknowledging the challenges of the past year and thanking those who have continued to work and entertain us amidst difficult circumstances.

Witty and Memorable Moments from Hosts and Presenters

The host and presenters of any award show play a crucial role in keeping the audience engaged and entertained. In 2024, we could see some big names taking the stage, bringing their unique sense of humor and charm to the ceremony. Fans can look forward to some memorable and perhaps even controversial moments from the hosts and presenters.


The 2024 Emmy Awards are already shaping up to be an exciting and highly-anticipated event. With strong contenders for potential wins, possible snubs, and powerful speeches, it is sure to be a night filled with surprises and emotions. As fans eagerly wait for the ceremony, we can’t help but wonder who will take home the trophies and leave a lasting impression on television history.

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